Plaza Healthcare and Rehab Center provides excellence in long-term care and sub-acute rehabilitative care in a relaxing, home-like environment. 

From the professionalism and compassion of our staff to the comprehensive services we provide, everything we do is designed with our residents in mind. 

Plaza Healthcare and Rehab Center offers a wide range of services in order to facilitate the best possible care, meeting the needs of those we serve in a variety of ways. 

Our Hispanic Cultural Program places an emphasis on providing care in a culturally accepting environment, providing individualized care for our Hispanic residents.  By providing ethnic physicians, nursing staff, food, religious service, TV and activities, we ensure that Hispanic residents can enjoy speaking their own language, conversing with staff and other patients who share their heritage.  Feeling welcome and comfortable is vital to successful recovery and rehabilitation and our Hispanic residents are well served by this diverse program.

Our services include both Sub-Acute Rehabilitation Services and Long Term Care Services.